About Us

Borders Wheels is a charity based in the Scottish Borders, We provide Community Transport across the Borders and have four locality bases: Berwickshire, Galashiels, Teviot and Tweed.  Borders Wheels is the unification of 4 Community Transport organisations in the Borders, Teviot, Gala and Tweed came together first and we brought in Berwickshire Wheels in April 2024.

This allows us to be a truly Borders wide organisation, supported by staff and volunteer and paid drivers. The Borders Wheels Community Transport Service operates a number of wheelchair accessible vehicles, driven by volunteer and paid drivers.

Our service is available for individuals who need help with transport and non-profit making community / voluntary groups. Borders Wheels exists to offer individuals, agencies and communities to access affordable travel.

Our aim is to reduce the level of isolation caused by a lack of accessible and affordable transport. We are committed to work with all interested parties and agencies to deliver a accessible, safe and friendly service to benefit all.

We provide lots of transport for individuals with low mobility, looking to get to medical appointments, meetings, events and social outings 

We have wheelchair accessible mini-buses and we use these for community trips, accessing social and day centre services and to get groups to events